When Do You Need Post-Conviction Relief?

After you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense your first decision is to hire or get a court appointed attorney.  The process down a long and tough road has now begun. 

Next, you are indicted.   You have two (2) options — either you will go to trial or plead guilty.  In either instance, you will in all likelihood go to jail and be away from your family and loved ones (if convicted of the charged offense(s).) 

You are now appealing the conviction, sentence, or both.  If the appeal does not go well you are left with two (2) options — serve the remainder of the sentence or challenge the conviction or sentence.   POST-CONVICTION relief is now on the horizon.

From this point onward, you cannot afford to continue to make wrong decisions that are often time consuming.  Time is now your enemy.  Your options are getting fewer.  This is the point that you and your family need a Specialist on POST-CONVICTION RELIEF. 

There are times that your issues are not related to a conviction or sentence.  They may be based on an illness; a modification of the sentence based upon exceptional behavior (while confined); and, there can be so many other issues that warrant the relief you and your family seek.  No matter the issues, we are committed to getting the relief you and your family desire and deserve.

Waymore Post-Conviction is dedicated to helping people all across the United States get the relief they deserve.